Be Kind Coffee's ultimate goal is to promote kindness. We just so happen to serve craft coffee and vegan/gf treats! These times have been hard for everyone in their own ways. Our goal is to make our community a kinder place than we found it, one drink at a time. If we can improve even one person's life, it's all worth it!

Opened inside a meat market 4/2/21 in Waco, TX that we weren't sure if we could convince people to pull around into our makeshift "drive-thru"! Spoiler alert: we did! Our little part of Waco on Lake Air Dr slowly began to notice our unorthodox marketing and willingness to be a little silly, and we opened location #2 inside a food hall downtown just 5 months later and quickly outgrew into our (technically 3rd/now main location) Brick and Mortar. Having a vegan-friendly menu was important to us to include more people in our journey! Constantly learning, evolving, and finding our place in the greater Waco community, we are pumped to keep the kindness flowin' and growin'.

Will Suarez (left) is a Waco born and raised, award-winning, Grammy-nominated, local designer/artist/painter/entrepreneur. Brands biiiiig and small, he's worked with 'em all, and he is the genius behind our branding! (There, Will, I called you a genius for once.) He can solve any problem that arises, and he's a die-hard almond milk fan.

Alex Sanchez (right) is from Lake Jackson, TX but has been around Waco since 2015. Formerly a food photographer (yeah, I know it sounds fake) for a start-up gone public, being surrounded by entrepreneurs led to wanting to build a brand himself. Meetings with him run long beacuse once you get him started talking he just won't stop. If there's something silly to be done for content, he'll be the one to make a fool of himself! Prefers oat milk.

Together, their complementary skills have built what you see today! We're not perfect. We're still very new to the coffee industry. But we're hustlers that don't mess around...too much. We're here for a good time and hopefully a long time!

Just coffee guys being coffee dudes